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How to dress stylishly for a teenager girl

How to dress stylishly for a teenager girl

Finding the right balance between stylish and age-appropriate when you’re a teenager can be tricky. However, with a few essential wardrobe staples, you can put together fashionable looks that won’t get you sent to the principal’s office. In this blog post, we’ll share tips on dressing stylishly as a teenage girl. Read on for fashion advice that will help you nail that effortless cool-girl look.

Rules for choosing clothes for teenagers

Many teenagers like clothes that are bright and have a lot of colors. They also like clothes with a pretty design or pattern. But it is up to each person to decide their own style.

Most teenage girls have their ideas about clothes. But some things are common for all of them, including:

  • having a natural sense of style;
  • being influenced by friends and the environment;
  • being able to combine style and comfort;
  • preferring high-quality clothing from well-known brands.

Many famous brands are coming out with new clothing lines for young people that are trendy, stylish, and comfortable. In addition, most of these companies make clothes that are affordable for teenagers.

Variety of styles


Over the years, teenagers have continued to like casual clothing because it is unique and versatile. To make an interesting image in this style, you can wear different clothing that is popular with teenagers. It includes comfortable jeans, t-shirts with original prints, oversized sweaters, dresses with small patterns and denim jackets for spring, pleated skirts, and oversized sweatshirts. Clothing should not only look good, but it should also be comfortable. Therefore, a lot of teenagers like to wear casual clothes. This style is not only trendy, but it also looks good and is convenient.

E-girl style

E-girl style

E-girl style is becoming popular with teenage girls who spend a lot of time online. This style was started initially by gamer girls, but now many other teens are dressing this way to be different from others. Today, many bloggers are fans of this style and post about it on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Facebook. Some cool E-girl clothing items are:

  • t-shirts with bright prints;
  • various colors of tops for the summer;
  • loose fit jeans;
  • striped turtlenecks;
  • joggers made of thick cotton material;
  • shoes with thick soles.

E-girls often wear bright makeup and colorful hair. They also pay attention to their jewelry, wearing several earrings in one ear, original chokers, and piercings. Chains of various shapes and sizes are worn around the neck and used as trimmings for trousers.

Hipster style

One of the trends that are popular among teenagers today is being an “Indie kid.” It means that they are trying to express their inner freedom and independence. The “hipster” subculture started with people in the music and art industry who wanted to be free from rules, and this matches the spirit of many teenagers.

clothes for teenagers

This style provides for some carelessness in clothes, which allows girls to include the most incredible things in their wardrobe:

  • dazzling colorful dresses and caps for autumn;
  • ripped jeans and plaid shirts;
  • T-shirts with an abstract pattern and fluffy skirts;
  • bright tops and trousers of the most incredible colors;
  • floral print cardigans and jackets.

For this style, you cannot wear dark or dull clothes. Instead, you should only wear bows in cool colors and incredible styles. Representatives of indie love abstract necklaces with natural stones of different colors and various bracelets in an original interpretation. Hair ornaments are also popular among girls, such as hairpins, crabs, and elastic bands, which are woven into small pigtails.

Dark academy

The Dark Academy is a new style of clothing for teenage girls. The Goth subculture and classical art inspire it. The colors are usually dark, and the clothes have clean lines and shapes. Classic white blouses, dark trousers, straight-cut skirts, and tight-fitting turtlenecks in dark colors are some of the favorite clothes of high school students who follow this style. In winter, vintage-style coats and boots with thick soles are also popular. When choosing shadows and lip gloss, they usually prefer soft nude shades. Vintage jewelry and watches are trendy. The watches can be modern but with a traditional dial.